About NOA

Our team was born and raised in the city of Amsterdam. A city with great architecture that is known for its tolerant policy, great entrepreneurs, artists and more.

Historically, we have done the impossible. An Amsterdam based trading company called the VOC was once bigger than Apple, Facebook and Netflix combined. Besides, everyone knows names like Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Cruijff, Martin Garrix and so on. 

How could a city in a small country like The Netherlands become so big in its own way?

We decided to look into cultural movements that shaped our city to create an understanding of how Amsterdam became what it is today.

We've looked into the 17th century, Football and the partyscene. Three cultural movements that were of significant importance for the city.

Learning from this, we asked ourselves the following:

What is it about this city that speaks to us and makes us feel part of something inspiring? Can we capture this and translate it into a brand?


Honest (Even when it's considered rude)

Loyal (Towards family, friends and Amsterdam)

Tolerant (Towards everyone and everything)

Confident (Being small never stopped us from thinking and acting big in Amsterdam)

Creative (Never stop looking for ways to express yourself)

Rebellious (Fuck it, we’re gonna do it our own way)